Timelessly beautiful facade with weatherboard cladding


Fibre cement Cedral weatherboard cladding is the ideal low maintenance and durable alternative to traditional timber weatherboard, with the visual appeal of natural timber and a minimum life expectancy of 50 years.

Weatherboard cladding is extremely versatile, it can be installed to most external finishes whether that be render or brick for example. From a full cladding facade to eloquent small sections.

Cedral Lap weatherboard can be supplied in a range of 21 stunning factory applied colours with the option of 2 wood-stain finishes for a authentic traditional finish, providing an option to accommodate each and every customers desire that is completely unique and perfect for you.

Why choose us to install your Cladding?

We are the first company in the South to become proud Cedral Select installers, providing installation of Cedral lap and Cedral click Weatherboard Cladding to domestic and trade customers. As Cedral Select installers all Home style Fascias and Cladding installations are completed according to the approved system specification to ensure the highest quality customer satisfaction and end product.

Cedral-Lap weatherboard cladding

Cedral Click weatherboard cladding - all images courtesy of Marley Eternit

5 advantages to home cladding

  • Cladding provides excellent aesthetics
  • Cladding is resistant to rot and insects
  • Cladding is low maintenance
  • Range of matching aluminium trims

Wall cladding in a few clicks!

Fibre cement Cedral Click weatherboard is the innovative, low maintenance addition to the Cedral portfolio.

With the same performance benefits and textured surface finish as Cedral Lap weatherboard, Cedral Click external cladding weatherboard is the UK's first fibre cement, flush fitting tongue and groove weatherboard product and is fitted in a contemporary flat finish rather than shiplap.

Cedral Click weatherboard is supplied with a simple 'Click Clip System', which makes installation quick and easy, making it ideal for both new and refurbishment projects where time constraints are a factor.

Available in 21 popular colours that complement the current Cedral weatherboard range, Cedral Click weatherboard provides an alternative finish to create the perfect aesthetic for your project.

Cedral Board Cladding

  • Ideal for soffits
  • Lightweight and easy to fix
  • Easy to work on site

No routine maintenance required
An impact resistant, durable and flat soffit and fascia board.

Cedral board is cost effective and easy to fix and along with our Cedral Weatherboard cladding and complementary trims, it forms part of the Cedral complete system solution.

All images courtesy of Marley Eternit

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