Finlock gutter replacement

Local experts in the removal of concrete guttering, affordable, reliable company you can trust, consistently providing high quality solutions to overcome the problems caused by concrete gutters.

Here at Home Style Fascias and Cladding we specialise in the removal of Finlock guttering, replacing it with high quality uPVC guttering. Concrete gutter removal is far from an easy task and needs a great deal of skill and knowledge in the roofline industry to make sure no structural damage is caused to your roof. With highly trained and skilled craftsmen at Home Style, and many years experience, rest assured, you are in safe hands with us.

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Removing your concrete gutters and replacing with the modern uPVC immediately gives a visual uplift along with the potential devastating problems Finlock gutters can bring it can also add a substantial amount to a properties value.

Finlock guttering is the term given to concrete gutters, commonly installed to buildings between the 1950's and 1970's, to carry out a dual function of closing the cavity at the top of brickwork and providing a wrongly assumed maintenance free gutter system. Like many defects in concrete buildings of that era, the legacy of installing Finlock guttering has unearthed its own set of problems, both internally and externally.

Unlike traditional guttering, which hangs off a building under the roof, concrete guttering was built into the fabric of the building and kept in place by the weight of the roof. Because the Finlock guttering is integral to the building, when problems occur they can be difficult and expensive to rectify.

Problems with concrete gutters are:

Condensation and damp becomes evident internally, this develops as a result of a "cold bridge" which in turn has caused a major problem with Finlock guttering due to central heating and double glazed windows being installed in homes. As a result the average temperature in properties are much higher than in past years.

In the colder months when the heating is on and the concrete gutters become extremely cold and the moisture in the warm interior air condenses on the wall in the vicinity. The bridging cold manifests as black marks where the ceiling meets the wall, wallpaper may be coming away as well as in bathrooms tiles can become dislodged.

Concrete is heavy and often permeable to water, especially if the concrete cracks. Where the concrete gutters meet they are commonly made good with a mixture of bitumen and mortar. Over years this can crack and split and moisture then finds its way through any gaps.

Displacement above windows (often caused by poorly fitted PVCu replacements where the installers failed to recognise that the original windows where partially supporting concrete blocks above the window heads. There is a lintel tray above the inner leaf of the cavity which was filled with concrete or mortar.

The concrete gutter removal process:

Firstly, our very own surveyor (we do not employ sale rep's) will visit your home to asses, have a visual measure up and note down access requirements. Answer any questions you may have and talk you through the process of the removal of your Finlock gutters.

We will then return to the office where a detailed accurate quotation will be written up and sent to you via email or whatever chosen method of contact you would prefer.

Once you have taken the decision to use Home Style Fascias and Cladding to remove your concrete gutters and replace with new modern uPVC, we can book a date for the works to commence at a date that suits you.

On the requested date one of our professional installation teams will arrive to start transforming your home. Firstly by assessing the condition of the existing guttering and setting up the most suitable access equipment that is needed.

They will then start by adjusting the bottom row of roof tiles enabling them to carefully cut away the concrete guttering.

Next we will install a timber plate to the capstone so that it forms a solid base to install the new Fascia, Soffits and guttering. This is a essential part as it helps to insulate and allow for the new roofline materials.

On to the installation of the soffit board which is fixed on to the underside, a starter trim fixed to the wall to hold the soffit securely in place to avoid sagging.

Next a uPVC fascia board is installed onto the timber backing board, providing an attractive maintenance-free finish.

Finally once the team have fitted the new PVC gutters and down pipes, they refit your roof tiles, clean and remove any debris from site. Leaving your roofline protecting your home efficiently and giving it a brand new modern appeal.

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