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Home Style Fascias and Cladding has a wealth of experience in the guttering industry, and have specialised in the installation of guttering systems for many years. We cover domestic, industrial and commercial buildings across Dorset and Hampshire.

Gutters are usually the part of your home that remains "out of sight, out of mind," however, your home's rain gutters are vital to the health and foundation of your building. If your gutters need replacing or are incorrectly installed, this can cause a serious amount of problems, which can in turn be extremely costly.



The purpose of rain gutters

Gutters have one job: to protect a building's foundations by channelling water away from your home. The guttering helps to reduce erosion, prevents leaks, protects painted or stained surfaces by reducing exposure to water, and provides a means to collect rainwater for later use.

Without properly installed gutters, you could wind up with a long list of serious, costly damages. A good gutter system helps to control the amount of water and moisture that gets into a structure.

How do gutters work?

Your roof protects your home from the rain by shedding rainwater to the gutters.

Gutters are the horizontal (usually uPVC) part of the system that are installed along the eave edges of your roof and along roof features like dormers. Gutters are open at the top to catch rain water flowing off the roof, directing it into the downpipes.

Downpipes are the vertical, closed section of the gutter system that direct water from the roof to ground level. Your drainage system guides the water away from your buildings foundation. 

Maintaining your guttering

Maintaining your guttering system is also extremely important. For them to work efficiently, you need to keep the gutters and downpipes clear of leaves and debris and this take regular maintenance. The biggest reason why gutters fail to protect your building is because of them being clogged, preventing water from diverting away from your home. Over time, water can overflow onto your fascia and soffit, back up onto your roof, and pool around the base of your home. Either you have to climb the ladder yourself or you need to call a professional guttering company in to do it. Home Style Fascias and Cladding are here to help.

Common Items That Can Block Your Gutters:

  • Leaves
  • Shingle grit
  • Pine needles
  • Moss
  • Conkers

Gutter protection

Hedgehog gutter brushes are a ideal product that sits inside the gutters to help keep your gutters free of debris.

They are supplied and installed in white or black to match the colour of your gutters to keep them discrete, they adapt automatically to the shape of any gutter and can be cleaned easily if necessary.

The gutter brush is intended to repel leaves, pine needles and moss while allowing water to flow around the brush and through the guttering to the downspout.

Only installing the best quality materials

We offer the Freeflow range of innovative, from FREEFOAM a high quality PVC-U rainwater systems for our guttering installs.

Each rainwater system is co-extruded with a white interior and a range of exterior colours - Freefoam's innovative solution to the problems associated with rapid heat absorption and expansion of gutters.

The Freeflow range has been designed to ensure both reliable, leak-free performance and efficient installation. Freeflow is available in a wide range of styles including square line, ogee, half round and deep. In addition, it comes in a range of standard colours including white, black and brown.

Home Style Fascias and Cladding are Freefoam registered installers so we benefit from a massive 50year lifetime guarantee on all materials


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